Sleeping Lizard - Self-Regulation and Embodiment in Bonn

Arrive ...

... sense, let go, be present - and thus 
allow self-regulation to happen. If I can give you support in this process with my work,
I look forward to your call.

Young Fern - Unfolding through Embodiment in Bonn

Be alive ...

… discover new possibilities, unfold your potential, express yourself, find coherence and find new ways. I would like to accompany you on this journey.

Practice for Body-oriented Psychotherapy & Trauma therapy, Nutrition & Detox

In my practice I treat people who have lost contact with their emotions, their body or their needs. Because being in touch with yourself and the world is the foundation of health on all levels. When a person is hurt or overwhelmed, this connection is disrupted, and physical or psychological symptoms arise.

My concern is to support you in re-establishing the contact with your inner healthy core and from there to create a safe, joyful connection to the world. In doing so, it is important to me to dissolve stressful states at the level where they arose. The most important tool for this is embodiment, presence in the body and thus your inner sensation - here and now.

Your body can gradually return to its natural balance and healthy self-regulation, your mind to balance and serenity. More and more you feel what is good for you and learn to act self-carefully.

With this in mind, I would be happy to accompany you on your personal journey of becoming friends with your body and increasingly making it the home of your spirit.

Your Anya Lange