Craniosacral Bodywork

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle treatment that works on a physiological, emotional and spiritual level. The balancing of the craniosacral rhythm initiates a self-regulation process that contributes to an increasing flow of vital energy throughout the body. The treatment appeals to the entire human being. It works on the physiological level, but it also involves mental or emotional issues that are engrained in the tissue and persist as "cell memory" or procedural memory.

With gentle and mindful touch the therapist initiates and accompanies an - often very subtle - self-regulation process in the client´s organism. It is essential to give the body time, to balance and regulate itself in its own, natural pace. Usually the sessions are perceived as nourishing and deeply relaxing, with a sense of ease, stillness and well-being.

The health effects are often felt as:

  • greater vitality and joy of life
  • relief or freedom from pain
  • restful sleep
  • emotional balance and mental stability