Craniosacral Rhythm

The craniosacral system is located between the cranium and the sacrum. The skull, spine and sacrum are lined with the cerebral and spinal cord skins, the meninges. These serve as a container for the cerebrospinal fluid. The CSF protects the brain and central nervous system from shock and allows freedom of movement in the spinal canal. It supplies it with nutrients and transports waste products.

Besides respiration and pulse rate, the wave-like movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, the craniosacral rhythm, is a unique and superordinate body-rhythm. It is palpable in the entire body. In a healthy person, this rhythm flows harmoniously and symmetrically. Due to various disorders such as severe births, accidents, injuries, surgery, but also psychosomatic processes or trauma, the rhythm can be restricted.

The craniosacral system is associated to many other structures (e.g. nerves, hormones, respiration, muscular and skeletal system, blood circulation). Imbalances can be transferred from one system to another. On the other hand, a better balance in the craniosacral system has a balancing and supportive effect on the other structures and thus leads to more coherence in the entire organism.