What is Spiritual Realignment®?

Spiritual Realignment is an impulse for powerful regeneration and self-regulation processes and thus a support for the healing of issues of all kinds. As a spiritual power it permeates human being in its trinity of body, soul and spirit. This initiates a holistic healing process that affects both mental and emotional issues as well as physical well-being.

Spiritual Realignment is a momentum of presence in which you can experience the connection to yourself and the oneness of all being. This profound experience makes it possible to change your inner attitude and create space for a more freely flowing life energy and its self-regulating powers. The energy centers along the spine (chakras) are purified and aligned and can unfold their inherent powers. Old patterns and blockages (up to prenatal time) can loosen and transform. This allows:

  • relief from pain
  • inner peace
  • awake mind and spirit
  • strength
  • determination
  • enthusiasm

The changes are visible via the body immediately.