What exactly is embodiment? Remarkably, there is no corresponding term for it in German. It could best be translated as "embodied consciousness". It means that consciousness needs a body and its sensations in order to experience and evaluate itself and the world.

Thoughts and experiences influence the body. This can be seen very well, for example, in depressed people who are often slumped over. But conversely, the body posture also influences the state of mind. As in the well-known Snoopy cartoon, in which Charlie Brown stands with his head down because he wants to be depressed. He creates his own depression by keeping his head down. (How the lowered head posture affects the mood of cell phone users is open to speculation.)

Our bodily sensations, facial expressions and posture influence our feelings, and this has a direct effect on our state of mind.

To say it in Gerald Hüther's words: “Attitudes are the result of experiences", and they have a significant influence on our perception and evaluation of the world and ourselves. Therefore, the change of attitudes can only happen through experience. And this cannot be determined. But we can invite it.


Buddha's Feet - With Presence to Embodiment

A smile sometimes works wonders. Even if it doesn't come from the bottom of your heart, it elevates your mood and evokes positive feelings. Laughter yoga takes advantage of this.
Happy people smile and perceive the world to be as comfortable and joyful as they feel themselves right now. On the other hand, with a grumpy face the world immediately appears gray and without joy. These processes constantly happen, but usually we are not aware of them.

Thus it is possible to influence your own mood via the body. A good body feeling is the basis for mental well-being. A good reason to pay more attention to the body. This is why the sensations of the body are a central element in my work.

Awareness, emotions and body do not exist separately, but constantly interact with one another. In my work, all three aspects are considered.
Body-oriented psychotherapy and trauma therapy with Somatic Experiencing® strengthens your awareness of your emotions via the body sensations.
Spiritual Realignment® strengthens your awareness and mental power.
Through a balanced nutrition and detoxification you learn to provide yourself with enough energy on the physical level to live and enjoy your life powerfully and out of abundance.