Pomegranate - balanced nutrition & detox in Bonn

What do nutrition & detox have to do with therapy?

In my practice in Bonn, I offer holistic nutritional counseling in addition to psychotherapy and trauma therapy. Because sometimes the origin of a lack of well-being is not in the psyche, but in the "gut brain". The enteric nervous system is significantly influenced by nutrition and then gives corresponding impulses to the brain.

In this way, not only do we have the possibility to determine the "building material and tools" from which the body is constantly forming itself anew through nutrition. We can also use it to influence our mood.

Besides nutrition, sleep, exercise and your inner attitude also play a major role in how you "metabolize" your life. Therefore, these aspects also get their space in holistic nutritional counseling.

Sweet potatoes - nutrient richness through a balanced diet in Bonn

Goals of nutrition counseling

Above all, the goal of my nutritional counseling is the sustainable change of eating habits towards a varied, healthy and enjoyable diet. Above all, the goal of my nutritional counseling is to support your well-being from the physical side. A balanced, varied and enjoyable diet provides you with all the nutrients you need, and the body returns from "survival mode" due to oxidative or nitrosative stress back to its natural balance.

My consultation is individually tailored to you. Together we will find ways to change your eating habits in manageable steps towards lasting well-being. Even single changes can cause noticeable benefits. In doing so, it is important to me to awaken your curiosity and joy of experimentation, because behaviors change more easily when heart and brain are in harmony.

The body continuously communicates its needs through sensations. Therefore, it is important to me to help you develop a sense for what is good for you. I will be happy to accompany you on your individual path to an enjoyable, conscious and healthy diet, in the degree and pace that is appropriate for you.

Take your whole body on this journey and explore what is good not only for your palate, but for all your cells - also in the long term.

Apricots - Health through Nutrition & Detox in Bonn

When is a change in diet useful?

In many diseases, the course can be favorably influenced by a change in diet. My special concern is the treatment of the following symptoms, which often are consequences of traumatic experiences:

  • Cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure
  • psychosomatic diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome
  • chronic fatigue, exhaustion, burnout syndrome
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • eating as emotional regulation
  • and much more.
Lemon water - detoxification and purification in nutritional counseling in Bonn

Purification / Detox / Intestinal Remediation

The intestine and especially the intestinal flora, the microbiome, react very sensitively to stress. The organism can compensate for this for a long time before symptoms occur. In the long term, toxins ingested with food, excess or incomplete metabolic breakdown products can cause a gradual poisoning or silent inflammation. These are often accompanied by non-specific symptoms such as:

  • headache and joint pain
  • fatigue, exhaustion
  • digestive disorders, allergies, intolerances
  • mood disorders, depression, anxiety
  • many chronic diseases

A change of diet alone is not sufficient then. In this case, a supplementary elimination or detoxification cure and intestinal rehabilitation can cause a readjustment of the entire metabolism. A healthy gut and an improved metabolism can positively affect mood and many physical symptoms.

Micronutrient deficiency - stress at the cellular level

Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but also fatty or amino acids and secondary phytochemicals. The body needs these for the smooth function of the entire metabolism.

There are many reasons why people today suffer from a deficiency of micronutrients. The most important of these are:

  • dietary habits
  • pollutants from food and environment such as pesticides or environmental toxins
  • damaged intestines inhibit proper intake, even when sufficient nutrients are being eaten
  • Prolonged stress initiates survival programs in the body, causing consumption to increase.
  • Smoking and alcohol consume
  • Long-term medication and chronic diseases

When micronutrients are deficient, the body switches to emergency programs. (survival mode at the cellular level) Significantly less energy and abundant waste products are produced, which manifest as hyperacidity, oxidative stress and later nitrosative stress. A variety of symptoms form as a result of the body's attempt to make the best of the deficiency.

This is why in some cases in addition to changing the diet it can be helpful to supplement micronutrients to replenish stores and relieve cellular stress. This allows the body to return to better self-regulation.

  • Inflammatory processes in the body are reduced.
  • In some cases, less or no medication is needed.
  • Side effects of medication or pain are alleviated.
  • Performance, concentration and mood improve.
Avocados - Ernährung gegen Stress in Bonn

What You Gain Through a Change in Diet

A balanced, individually tailored diet is a simple, effective and gentle way to influence health and well-being. This can have a variety of effects, e.g. through:

  • more vitality, mental clarity and emotional stability
  • strengthening the immune system, improving digestion
  • experiencing food as a pleasurable and sensual experience
  • a safe sense of what and how much food is good for you
  • distinguish physical and emotional hunger and respond accordingly
  • desired weight, without counting calories
  • health maintenance and support in prevention and treatment of nutrition-related diseases
  • in sports: higher performance, faster recovery time and fewer injuries
  • increase of self-regulatory powers

A change in diet can be quite challenging in changing your daily routine. Sometimes there are emotional issues behind stubborn habits, which we can gently explore together in body-oriented psychotherapy or trauma therapy with Somatic Experiencing.