Space Clearing and Powerful Space

After Spiritual Realignment®, people begin to become more attentive to their environment and what is good for them in everyday life. An important aspect of your own well-being is the harmonization and clearing of your own living and working spaces. It helps to integrate even more vitality and awareness into everyday life.

The space clearing is carried out remotely and causes a transformation of diverse energies that have a negative impact on humans.

All rooms, cars and cell phones are placed in a field of spiritual power, which clears and transforms their energy field. Meanwhile, all people and animals being present are also permeated by this field and thus undergo a spiritual purification and harmonization of their body.

For this purpose send me a photo (outdoor shot) and, if available, a floor plan of your house, apartment or workplace, address and telephone numbers (landline and mobile) and license plates. The remote treatment will be carried out after a time agreement with you.

The details please send by email to