Meditation - Stillness through Spiritual Realignment in Bonn

What is Spiritual Realignment?

Spiritual Realignment is a powerful healing impulse that permeates the individual on all levels of being. This initiates a healing process that affects spiritual, mental and emotional issues as well as physical well-being.

Within the spine our main energy stream flows, which connects spiritual and earthly powers within us. Accordingly, a free flow of life force also results in a good supply of energy to the entire body and a straight, upright posture. Conversely, aspects that are not lived cause impairments in the posture and subsequently also in the tissues and organs.

Our inner attitude, i.e. our relationship to ourselves and to what surrounds us, has a direct effect on our posture. Hence this is the visible expression of our lived habits.

The Spiritual Realignment happens in a matter of seconds and without touching the body. In this moment the connection to yourself and the wholeness of all being is strengthened and the spine as the subtle axis of life is straightened. This profound experience allows it to change the inner attitude and create space for a freer flow of life energy and its self-regulatory powers. It is getting easier to free yourself from old habits and blockages and to unfold your potential.
The energy centers along the spine are cleansed and aligned and can develop their inherent powers more easily. This enables:

  • release from pain
  • inner peace
  • an aware mind
  • strength and alignment
  • determination
  • enthusiasm

The changes are immediately visible in the body.

The Spiritual Realignment takes place only once and does not need to be repeated. However, it may take some time for the full effect to be seen on all levels.

Zen stones in water - Safe growth through Spiritual Realignment in Bonn

When is a follow-up treatment useful?

Spiritual Realignment does not need to be repeated.
However, in some cases a follow-up treatment may be useful, e.g. in case of

  • Injuries or traumas that occur after the Spiritual Realignment
  • chronic health conditions
  • mental or emotional stress

Whom does it help?

Spiritual Realignment is helpful for people of any age, cultural background or state of health.

  • Healthy people experience support for their personal development on all levels.
  • Athletes benefit from increased performance and better body awareness due to improved body symmetry.
  • People with physical or mental stress often experience relief or release from their symptoms.
    These can be, for example: chronic or acute back problems, pain of various kinds, digestive problems, high blood pressure, allergies, but also anxiety, overwork or emotional imbalances.

Spiritual Realignment® according to Pjotr Elkunoviz is a licensed brand by Ginger Up.
As a powerful healing impulse, it offers a valuable complement to my body-oriented psychotherapy and trauma therapy with Somatic Experiencing. It also makes it easier to work through emotional issues and bring them to closure.