Lake Milstätt - Calmness and Width through body-oriented Psychotherapy in Bonn

When is Psychotherapy Useful?

There are several reasons why body-oriented psychotherapy can be useful for you.

  • Are you in a stressful situation or life crisis?
  • Do worries or ruminations dominate your everyday life?
  • Do you suffer from psychosomatic conditions, anxiety or depressive moods?
  • Do you experience very intense emotions or do you not feel yourself?
  • Are you chronically exhausted, tense or restless?

Then you may benefit from body-oriented psychotherapy. For thoughts, emotions and body sensations influence each other and never appear independently. Therefore, it makes sense to include the body in the therapeutic conversation as well. In this way, imbalances can be resolved on all levels.

How can body-oriented psychotherapy help?

The first step in psychotherapy is to restore the feeling of sufficient calmness and security. Through trustful contact in the therapeutic setting and the predominant tracking of resources, you can more and more feel stable and safe within yourself. From the tightness of tension, a wider inner space can emerge within yourself (containment), in which you can feel your emotions without being overwhelmed by them. Self-regulation, the natural oscillation between tension and relaxation, is reinforced. Thus also the sensation of vitality and energy flow returns.

The mindful sensing in your own body gives you direct answers to your questions. Which thoughts and behavior patterns are good for me, which ones do I want to let go? The body responds immediately and gives reliable answers through the sensations.

By involving the body's memory, it is also possible to work with topics that are not accessible to conscious memory. These can be, for example, experiences from the pre-verbal time as a baby or toddler, or traumatic issues that are still affecting your life.

Little by little, old tensions can be released and more space for strength and vitality is created.

Water drop in a calm lake - more serenity through psychotherapy in Bonn

What does psychotherapy provide for you?

The better you sense yourself in your own body, the better you are in touch with your own needs. You perceive your needs earlier and learn to increasingly align your life accordingly. This can have the effect that you

  • feel more at peace
  • feel more serenity and less stress
  • are in touch with your vitality and joy of life

The foundation of my psychotherapeutic approach is formed by Somatic Experiencing and other body-oriented methods for healing developmental and attachment trauma.
These methods are also very effective in trauma therapy.
A balanced nutrition and detoxification can additionally help you to gain more strength, peace and serenity.