About Me

Basically, I have always been fascinated by the interplay of space and form and the harmony that a good form radiates.
My first profession as an architect was about living space that protects and at the same time allows freedom of movement. In this way, a coherent space can keep people healthy or can also be healing.
In the meantime, I have dedicated myself to the flow of life energy in the inner spaces of the human being, in the body, in the emotional realm and also in the space of consciousness.

The first time I consciously experienced healing through self-regulation was when I was introduced to Wilhelm Reich's orgone therapy and philosophical Daoism. The fact that healing happens when you stay present  and simply allow this continuous process to happen and do not inhibit it, was like a wake-up call for me. The fascination about it has not left me ever since and inspires me today as it did back then.

Basically, health is about connection. Inwardly, it is about connecting with yourself and your own healthy core; outwardly, it is about contact with the wholeness in all its facets. When a person is hurt, this connection is disrupted, and physical or psychological symptoms arise. 
My concern is to support you in re-establishing this connection and to let the "inner glow" of your own healthy core shine out as freely as possible.

Japanese room - form and space in harmony

A severe life crisis gave me the opportunity to review the course I had set for my life so far - and to make a fundamental course correction. What was very painful at that time is now proving to be a great stroke of luck for me. I have got to know many ways to increasingly arrive at myself. I have cleared up what was in the way and found myself and my calling.

Every support I can offer you today I have tried out on my own body and found to be good.

As an eternal learner, regular training is a matter of course for me. I am very curious about what I will encounter in the future on my path. You can read more about the stations I have reached so far in my résumé.