Life is movement. And the primal movement in all life appears as a constant change between expansion and contraction. On a large scale you can also see this rhythm, for example, at the seasons or times of day, ebb and flow.

In the human organism, too, different rhythms overlap in a complex way and interact with each other. In a healthy state, breath, blood circulation, sleep/wake rhythm, hormones, autonomous nervous system, but also emotions, thoughts and our entire being are characterized by a constant change between expansion and contraction, tension and relaxation, charge and discharge, intake and release, action and rest, doing and being.

If this inner mobility gets out of balance, a variety of symptoms are formed and the dynamic balance, called self-regulation or homeostasis, is restricted.

Banana Leaf - Unfolding and Grpwth through Self-Regulation

The key to an intact self-regulation lies as an inherent principle of order in every human being and can be reactivated at any time. However, the further you have moved away from your original inner order, the longer the way back. This can lead to so-called healing crises, in which symptoms first reappear before the condition improves. On the emotional level, repressed feelings or memories may rise again, and on the physical level toxic stress can be discharged. This is often painful or unpleasant to a certain degree. I like to compare this phenomenon with the dusty air during a house cleaning, where you can already look forward to the new freshness and cleanliness.

It is essential for the reorganisation of the organism that the body can follow its own natural pace in order to find a new, freer balance - during the session or afterwards. The new coherence it has created in this way can usually be integrated more easily and permanently.

I am happy to accompany you in developing an awareness of the original life force from which healing takes place - to the extent that it is just right and possible for you to unfold new, freer orders in your life and improve vitality, transformation and growth.