The human organism is a coherent system of body, mind and soul, in which many different rhythms coexist and interact with each other. Breath, blood circulation, hormones, craniosacral rhythm, nervous system etc. are characterized by a constant change between expansion and contraction, relaxation and tension, charge and discharge.
A healthy organism shows a capacity for oscillation between these two poles. If this capacity gets out of balance, compensatory symptoms are formed in order to bind excess energy and to restore the body´s dynamic balance (homeostasis). Both in Craniosacral Therapy and in Somatic Experiencing® the basic approach is to enable the organism to regain its natural capacity for oscillation. Spiritual Realignment® and Spiritual Healing also provide powerful impulses for activating and restoring self-regulation.

The idea is to support the organism to regulate itself. The key to healing is the "inherent treatment plan" in the body itself. The body knows exactly what upset it and what it takes to regain balance. The therapist initiates the client´s process and accompanies it with his presence. The less you do, manipulate or direct, the better the body's inherent self-healing powers can be.

For the realignment of the organism, it is essential that the body can follow its own natural pace for self-regulation to find a new, more open equilibrium during or after the session. The new coherence that emerged by self-regulation can usually be integrated more easily and permanently. 

Sometimes in this process – similar to initial aggravation in homeopathy – so-called healing crises can emerge, in which symptoms reoccur before they dissolve. I like to compare this phenomenon with the dusty air during a house cleaning, in which one can already look forward to the new freshness and cleanliness.

In the treatments you will get in touch with the primal life force, from which healing will take place, to the degree that it is just right and possible for you at this moment. I support you in developing an awareness for this life force which will show you solutions for a new, freer order in your life, enabling vitality, transformation and development.