Nautilus Shell - Overcoming Fragmentation with Somatic Experiencing in Bonn

What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing® , abbreviated SE, is a body-oriented method for resolving stress and traumatic energy in the body and is offered by me in Bonn.

Dr. Peter A. Levine (born 1942), psychologist and biophysicist, developed and refined this interdisciplinary approach since the 1970s. 
He observed that animals in the wild do not become traumatized even though they constantly experience threatening situations. If they cannot fight or flee, they instinctively go into a freeze state. When the threatening situation is over, they break free from the freeze by shaking, shivering, or jumping. Their body returns to its original, awake and relaxed state.
In humans, however, this follow-up often does not occur when the mind inhibits the instinct, and the survival energy remains trapped in the nervous system. In this case, a variety of symptoms arise, which often appear late and are difficult to classify.

Based on these observations, Dr. Peter Levine developed a method to address the instinctive parts of the nervous system in humans as well, thus completing the biological cycle of survival responses. In this way, the sense of safety in the body can be restored.

What is special about SE

Somatic Experiencing is a biological approach that supports your ability to self-regulate. What I particularly like about it is the resource-oriented, respectful and compassionate attitude towards the clients. Trauma is a fact of life, and people have the power to recover from it.

It is also possible to work mostly without content, for example in the case of early trauma or when the history is not conscious. It is enough if the body remembers. For this, however, you do not have to be re-experience the story.

You first learn to sense the power generated by your resources within the body. This process creates trust. Fear causes narrowness, while trust causes wideness.
In this wide space, it becomes easier for you to feel your emotions without being overwhelmed by them. Through the small-step pendulation between resources and tension patterns in the body, the stress energy can be discharged in small doses. This creates space for joy of life and also more and more strength, which the body now no longer needs to bind old emotions within the tissues. Symptoms can dissolve, the body returns to its natural self-regulation.

Through my own experience with Somatic Experiencing I have developed a safe and stable presence in the body. So I can perceive you in your process and support you to stay present here and now.

How Somatic Experiencing can enrich your life

There are many ways in which Somatic Experiencing can make a difference in your life:

  • You learn to be increasingly present within the body, and more and more you become aware of yourself. This enables you to recognize and classify the connection between tension patterns, high autonomic charge in the body and symptoms. This takes away the fear of your own body and it becomes easier to make friends with it.
  • You get in touch with your needs, recognize your boundaries and are more likely to act according to them. Thos strengthens your capacity for self-care and as a result also your well-being.
  • Aware of your resources, you feel the resulting energy in your body.
  • Increasingly, a sense of safety in the body arises. As a result, you are able to discharge stress energy in small steps without being overwhelmed by it. This creates confidence in yourself and thus in the world, too. You learn to allow even less pleasant sensations to be part of the self-regulation process and to trust the flow of life energy.
  • You will recognize when your body relaxes and finds its way back into natural self-regulation.

Everything you experience during the session you can also apply to yourself. In this way, your embodied experience will gradually become part of your everyday life.

Somatic Experiencing is the basis of my work in body-psychotherapy and trauma therapy.
Through a balanced nutrition and detoxification you can reduce stress at the cellular level as well.