Results of Trauma / Application Fields

If the energy mobilized for survival is not discharged, the organism responds as if it would still be in the threatening situation. Often reactions, patterns of behavior or beliefs that emerge in the present are coupled to experiences from the past. Frequently, this coupling dynamics are unaware.

In the attempt to channel and contain the "trapped energy", the organism creates confusing psychological and somatic symptoms that sometimes occur with great delays.
These include in particular:

  • restlessness, inability to relax
  • high irritability and afrightability, hypervigilance
  • difficulty concentrating
  • extreme sensitivity to light or noise (hyperacusis)
  • sleep disturbance, nightmares
  • fatigue, exhaustion, burn-out-syndrome
  • anxiety, panic attacks, phobias
  • depression, emotional and psychological imbalances
  • temper tantrums, destructive behaviours, being irascible
  • addictive behavior
  • lack of trust in oneself and/or others
  • attachment inability, being withdrawn or helpless
  • chronic pain, fibromyalgia
  • migraine, headache
  • vertigo, nausea
  • psychosomatic disorders (e.g. backache, irritable bowel syndrome, GERDS, irritable bladder)

To prevent the onset of symptoms, treatment may be i.a. useful:

  • after accidents or falls
  • as preparation or postprocessing of surgery or dental work, especially with invasive techniques and / or anesthesia
  • after loss of a close person, separation or loss of job
  • after potentially traumatizing situations such as natural disasters, violence etc.