How does it happen?

After a preliminary talk and an attunement to the upcoming realignment the body is measured for any asymmetry and imbalance.

Then the Spiritual Realignment® happens. It occurs within a second and without touching the body, just by spiritual power.
This often initiates a soothing relaxation in the body, but it works more extensively than it is visible from the outside. Again the body is measured.

This is followed by a healing treatment according to the individual needs of the person. It activates the potential for self-healing and harmonizes body, soul and spirit. In addition, it helps to rinse out old strains and pollutions (heavy metals, etc.) and to integrate the new energy level easier.

Spiritual Realignment® is unique and does not have to be repeated.

For healing is the spiritual transformation of each individual. Humans can thus co-determine their healing process. Therefore the way of life, restorative thoughts and beneficial sensations are essential. They can be individually fostered and strengthened with regular exercises.